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Vietnam is a developing country, with young and abundant workforce. In the information technology field, Vietnamese has the passion and information technology experts’ levels are not worse than ones in developed countries.

With GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is not as high as incomes in developed countries, information technology experts in Vietnam has been really important human resources in the map of international outsourcing human resource.


GSmartTech has assembled a team of experts in related fields of software technologies, ready to compete on human resource quality and cost with the other same businesses around the world. Our team of international outsourcing experts consist of:

- Project management Expert:

- Expert in solution, analysis, system design;

- Programming Expert;

- Expert in testing.


With the dedication to the international outsourcing of GSmartTech, and:

- Our team of professioners with strong knowledge; good ability to work in groups; be fluent in English; communicate via internet, dedicated to work.

- System of a good manufacturing process, always modified to suit customer's specific production, which has created a uniform system in production between customers and GSmartTech

- With the Vietnamese priority human resource policy, GSmatTech maintains high stability of human resource; GsmartTech’s human resource stability is an important factor which help our international outsourcing projects get high efficiencies, gained the customers’ trust.

- Those factors have helped to make GsmartTech’s success and brand in international outsourcing field.

- Our experts are ready to participate in projects with a technology platform:


- Development Process: Rationnal Unified Process;

- Solutions, design analysis: UML 2.0, using the tools: Rational Rose; Enterprise Architech; ...

- Programming Languages: Java, C / C + +, Objective C, C #. Net; Visual;; PHP.

- Database Management System : My SQL; SQL Server; Oracle.

- Testing: Testing Unit; test cases; test availability.

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